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Service:Saddle Fit Simplified Onsite w/ Your Horse plus Online Teaching Modules add another, change

$150 for your 1:1 teaching session personalized with your horse and your saddle + online course to review over and over

Get hands on mentoring and training to help you learn to evaluate your own saddle fit on your own horse! Take out the guesswork.

Pain Relief for Horses, Peace of Mind for Riders

1 Hour Private Education, Saddle Evaluation, Fitting Session, Massage and Bodywork tension release for your horse (PLUS complimentary 1 year access to the Saddle Fit Simplified Online Course - $97 value): 1 Person + 1 Horse + 1 Saddle = $150 (+travel if applicable - see below)

"I learned so much from having my horses measured and fitted properly. I knew there was something not right about the saddle I was riding my mare with. I took the information I learned and the information I knew and I am on the perfect saddle search. After learning my saddle is too narrow for my horse, I borrowed my friend's wide tree saddle and the results have been nothing short of miraculous. The small white spot that had developed on her shoulder is gone. The high speed rush down the trail with a fidgeting high headed horse has become a thing of the past. Now we meander. The head drops, the lips smack, the horse is relaxed. The difference is undeniable and my friends will ride with me again. Saddle fit matters."   Dena Wollpert

Option 2:  Saddle Fit Simplified semi-private education + online course for you and a friend: 2 hours, 2 People and 2 Horses and 2 Saddles = $250 (+travel if applicable)

Option 3:  Group session for 6 people with hands-on education + Saddle Fit Simplified online course (6 people/ 6 horses/ 6 saddles): 2 hrs group workshop (additional auditors welcome @ $20 each) + three semi-private fitting sessions following the workshop (your horse/your saddle) + online course ($97 value) @ $120 per person (+travel if applicable)

*** Want someone to audit your session and learn along with you? It's only $20 per person to audit the education session. ***

What can you expect? 3 easy steps ... 

Step 1) Education - Learn to evaluate any saddle (Western or English) to determine if it's right for your horse. You'll get a simple checklist that can be used on your current saddle.  This checklist comes in handy when asking a seller questions if you are purchasing a new or used saddle too. Explore saddle padding options and understand the application of saddle fit research.

Step 2) Apply Saddle Fit Principles to your Horse - Hands on measurements to determine what your particular horse requires (gullet width, rocker, drop of back, saddle channel width). Create a tracing of your horse to take anywhere to test a saddle before purchasing it. We'll use chalk drawings on your horse, evaluate his/her saddle conformation, and check your current saddle on your current horse.

Step 3) Practical hands-on demonstration and experience with exercises to treat and prevent saddle related body soreness in your horse. 

"I've done the fitting clinic and it is all about math/science . Nothing left to interpretation. Becky helps with solutions, should your saddle not be a good fit. She helped me with both of my horses." Sally McAlinden

Create a caring and educated based partnership with your horse.  Saddle Fit Simplified is entirely based on three very simple principles: 1) a saddle needs to match the anatomy of the horse as close as possible, 2) a saddle should not interfere with the anatomy of the horse, and 3) saddle padding provides approximately one-inch of cushion to relieve pressure points and accommodate the horse's movement under the saddle.

A saddle that fits comfortably builds trust and confidence, performance and health. The costs of an ill-fitting saddle are horse lameness, vet and chiropractic bills, pain behavior misidentified as a training problem, increased costs of training, fear of riding, liability issues when sharing your horse with others, loss of riding time, and stress build up for you.  Saddle misfit costs you money and it strains your relationship with your horse. 

"It was great learning from you, Becky. I knew a lot about saddle fit, but your Saddle Fit Simplified provided more details and solutions. I'm excited to use the process on all of my horses to perfect our saddle fit and their comfort. Thank you!!"   Andrea Chirich, Centered Riding Instructor

What not to expect from Saddle Fit Simplified ...
  • I won't be doing everything for you (you'll learn the basics of evaluating saddle fit for your own horses and saddles to use forever)
  • You won't be learning do-it-yourself flocking for an english saddle
  • I won't be trying to sell you a certain brand of saddle

No travel fees within 15 miles of Grass Lake, Michigan. Additional travel fee of $25 from 16 to 40 miles from Grass Lake, Michigan. If you live over 40 miles from Grass Lake, Michigan please contact me before scheduling for service availability. 

Reserve my session for $150

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