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When you've tried everything else and still have mind and body pain, then it's time to move forward and invest in something totally different to find relief.

Your body has the amazing ability to heal itself over time with the right nudge. Take your own power back and heal from stress with this amazing relaxation therapy session. Myofascial release work, use of clear quartz crystals to reduce pain and help your body realign by easing the release of stiff hard areas in your electromagnetic biofield using clear quartz crystals (the same type used in electronics to improve their electromagnetic fields), relaxing aromatherapy massage to support your immune system and sooth your nerves, stress release using the Emotion Code to release the impact of trauma trapped in your body.

If you've tried a lot of other things and nothing seems to be helping, try a Stress Healing session and discover a very unique and effective way to initiate your body's ability to heal itself.

The Stress Healing system is 85 minutes of natural relaxation using healing botanicals, specialized massage and bodywork, supported with the Emotion Code and quartz crystals.

A Stress Healing session begins and ends with an evaluation of joint movement to pinpoint the tight areas in your body. When a body is under stress, whether physical or psychological, blood is diverted from the organs to your muscles so they can be ready to fight an enemy or run to safety. This built-in response results in tense muscles, stomach aches, bowel issues, racing heart, being more prone to getting sick, feeling anxious, plus more. Relieving stress from tight muscles not only helps to restore freedom of movement to your body but also aids in feeling safe, experiencing better health and provides a sense of well-being. 

Why so many approaches to stress healing? 

Bodywork therapy helps relieve pain so the body can rebalance. The chemistry of natural plant botanicals focuses on stress relief, detoxification, reducing body inflammation, and helping your body relax! Crystal healing uses a natural clear quartz crystal (like those used in electronics and medical equipment); a crystal healing session is a quick and effective method to break through stubborn patterns causing pain and discomfort. And the emotional releasing techniques helps calm the fight-flight area in your brain called the Amygdala to effectively reset your stress/anxiety/panic response.  Stress Healing is the innovative and practical application of physics, biology, and psychology.

What should I expect?

Wear comfortable yoga or gym type of clothing. You will experience a gentle range-of-motion evaluation so you can identify any tight or painful areas you feel in your body. Breathing exercises may be used to help with releases of tight areas, this has to do with the vagus nerve innervating the respiratory diaphragm and it's direct connection with the fight-flight stress response in the human body. Breath is the one area we have direct control over the vagus nerve to release stress from our body. The Emotion Code is both a mind and body technique where you share as much or as little as you want about stress in your life and it's impact on your body while we use a magnet to release the trapped emotional field. The Emotion Code healing part of your session may be completed standing, sitting or lying down. That part lasts about 15 minutes and is a non-invasive, quick, and effective method to break through stubborn patterns causing pain and discomfort. The aromatherapy massage occurs lying down and I will need access to the bare skin of your spine to apply the pure essential oils and relaxing massage strokes (I can work under clothing for the aromatouch massage if you prefer to remain fully clothed during your session).

Outcall service price includes travel within 20 miles of Grass Lake, Michigan. Greater distances may incur additional fees.

For a succesful session you need an open clear area large enough for a massage table (8'x10') that is safe, private and quiet. If you require a time that is not listed, please contact me for availability at 

STRESS HEALING $145 - 85 minutes of wholistic healing techniques. Off hours and appointments on other days may be available. Please send us an email with your inquiry.

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