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Thursday's @ Three w/ Becky

Stress Solutions for Women

Bi-Monthly Stress-Success Tips to Help You Live Your Best Life

Next Session is October 29th, 2020 @ 3pm Eastern Time.

Why invest the time?

  • Problems create stress.
  • Stress requires solutions, problem-solving, and decision-making.
  • And busy women need easy-to-implement stress relief techniques.

There are limited places available on each call, so register early at this link for the next class. Classes are scheduled for 30 minutes @ 3pm Eastern Time.

Join me in learning about using practical stress management techniques. You'll get a chance to share what's going on for you and then we'll practice one thing that you can use to help with relaxation and stress management. Every other month we'll focus on one area and you'll get a new practical stress management technique to use.

It's super easy to join in! 

Any questions, just email me at 

What are other people saying about the group calls?

"Yesterdays call was Great...Thank You so much! You have such a beautiful heart!  It was great to hear God in your conversation and to be included in with the session!  I look forward to other calls!"

"I wasn't sure I'd notice anything in the group call but I did! It was like you were talking just to me and my problems."

Don't worry if you're shy, we definitely understand! Wall flowers are welcomed and get a lot out of the sessions! For those who want to share their experience or ask questions, you'll get a chance to!

How does this work? Use your cell phone or your computer, grab a cup of coffee or tea, and simply call the phone number or click on the zoom link you'll get when you register at the appointed class time!  Schedule about a half hour and bring a pencil or device to record your personal experiences if you want. Relax and learn!


We have six complimentary Zoom classes scheduled this year. They are held on the last Thursday of the month in the even months:

  • February 
  • April
  • June
  • August 
  • October 
  • December

Sign up for the class (can be accessed by phone or computer) by going to are limited spaces each month, so make sure you get on the schedule!

Rebecca Cook is a licensed Occupational Therapist, Transformational Coach, Business Owner and Horse Woman. Questions? She can be reached at

NOTE:  at the end of the training, I will share how you can learn more about my approach for those who are interested.

Date/time:Please contact us to schedule this service.