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Bi-Monthly Practical Stress Management Class for Women

Empowering Women with a Positive Mindset and Proactive Health 

October 31, 2019 12:30-1:30 Eastern Time: Our topic this month is about releasing blocks to resistant weight loss. There can be so much shame around our body image and weight. With women who ride horses this can become magnified when we worry about hurting our horse if we weigh too much. 

What is too much weight for a horse to carry? 

How can we help our horses as we work on managing our weight?

Why is it so hard to maintain a healthy weight? 

You've probably learned dozens of things and tried more diets than you can count. If all you needed was to "know" what to do, you'd be slim and strong. But for some people there is a disconnect between what they know and what they do. That disconnect is subconscious and goes directly back to trapped emotional energy and that's one area we'll be addressing in this next call you that you won't want to miss. 

If you have stubborn weight issues, are frustrated with your progress and have tried a lot of different things, maybe you have some old beliefs about not feeling safe if you lose weight or trapped emotions in the stomach or digestive system that stop you from getting the success you've worked so hard to get or an inner image created in early childhood that your subconscious strives to recreate. Have you ever thought of addressing those areas to reach your ideal weight?

99% of behavior is driven by emotions. There is a link between negative emotions and a host of stress related health problems. Join me in learning and using practical stress management techniques. It's easy to join in! Sign up below by clicking on the blue highlighted time on the calendar near the bottom of this page, register for the class, and then you'll get an email confirmation of your registration with your call-in details!

What are other people saying about the group clearings?

"Last night's call was Great...Thank You so much! You have such a beautiful heart!  It was great to hear God in your conversation and to be included in with the session!  I look forward to other calls!"

"I wasn't sure I'd notice anything in the group release but I did! It was like you were talking just to me and my problems."

Stress management and clearing emotions works!

“I was recently feeling a lot of anger and I didn’t even know why. But I felt so angry with my father, towards my ex and at my current husband. They didn’t even do anything, I was just really angry, and my poor husband was paying for it. Becky worked on me and an inherited emotion of ‘Peeved’ came up from my father’s side. It was strong and took a couple of times to release and I can’t say it was immediate, I’m not good at paying attention but later that weekend I noticed my extreme anger was gone. It was gone, just like that. What a relief to get rid of that.”   Tami

Don't worry if you're shy! Wall flowers are welcomed and get a lot out of the emotion clearing sessions! For those who want to share their experience or ask questions, you'll get your chance towards the end of call!

Join in with your cell phone, get a cup of coffee or tea, and simply listen in via the call in number you'll get when you register! Schedule an hour of your time and bring a pencil or device to record your personal experiences if you want. And relax! This is the easiest, most effective way I know to release old negative trapped emotional energy! And there are no known negative side-effects to energy healing work, while the upside is the ability to experience a feeling of lightness and freedom from negative emotions.

Practical stress management classes are an inexpensive way to practice self-care and release old trapped emotional energy that can cause physical, mental, and emotional pain & get in the way of success with ourselves and our horses. There are 6 classes scheduled annually and they last about 1 hour each. They are held on the last Thursday of the month in the even months:

  • February 
  • April
  • June
  • August 
  • October 
  • December

Sign up for the group class by going to the calendar below and click on the only highlighted time opening.

Emotion Code-Body Code Disclaimer:
Releasing trapped emotions using The Emotion Code, or any other type of Energy Healing practiced by the providers on this site, whether in person or by proxy, is not a substitute for medical care. This information is not intended as medical advice and should not be used for medical diagnosis or treatment. Information given to you on this site or in any session obtained from this site is not intended to create any physician-patient relationship, nor should it be considered a replacement for consultation with a healthcare professional. If you have questions or concerns about your health, please contact your healthcare provider. Energy Healing promotes harmony and balance within, relieving stress and supporting the body's natural ability to heal. Energy healing is widely recognized s a valuable and effective complement to conventional medical care. We make no claims as to healing or recovery from any illness. It is implicitly understood when you register for a session, you acknowledge this information is offered as a service and is not meant to replace any medical treatment.

Rebecca Cook is a licensed therapist in Michigan who offered stress management classes for five years full-time in a hospital setting. She is certified in the Emotion Freedom Technique, the Emotion Code, the Body Code and the Fear Releasing Coaching Method. She specializes in pain and stress release for professional women through in-clinic bodywork therapy and through wellness coaching sessions (such as this emotion code group clearing session). Questions? She can be reached at  

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