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Dee loved trail riding but had a knee replacement and was nervous about getting back on her horse, "It's weird," she said, "but I'm afraid I'll break my new knee." She had finished her therapy and her doctor had approved her riding activity. She bought the Stress Free Riding Package knowing it would take a few lessons to help get her "mojo" back. Her first lesson was an evaluation lesson, we evaluated her knee range-of-motion, we evaluated her horses behavior after having time off, and we evaluated her saddle fit and then she set her riding goals. We put the results of this in a private Google Doc that we both had access to. Her homework was simply to make at least three contacts with her horse over the next week ... feeding treats, hand leading her horse around the barn, brushing ... and then to write up what happened and how she felt in the Google Doc. The second through the fifth lessons included 30 minutes of therapy (infrared laser and myofascial release) on her knee and 30 minutes of guided groundwork with stress management breathing strategies and cortisol reducing essential oils. The sixth through eighth lessons included work on saddling and mounting and dismounting and being led in "passenger" lessons to really become aware of the movement and how it felt in her knee. The ninth and tenth lessons we both saddled up and went on a slow trail ride together. She was back in the saddle with confidence.

Stress Free Riding Package - confidence building riding tips, self-awareness activities, therapeutic interventions, horse massage, and saddle fit, and a variety of strategic foundational riding lessons all occurring at the walk ... it's all possible here!

Build seriously life-changing confidence with these stress-free lessons. These specialized and individualized ground work and riding lessons help reduce fear and work on pain relief for both horse and rider. We explore ways to massage and calm your horse, your first session focuses totally on you and your goals, and then we'll assess your horse, riding area and the equipment you have available.

Your instructor is a licensed therapist and dually certified as a Therapeutic Riding Instructor and Centered Riding Instructor. She offers you kindness, understanding, and over 30 years of experience. 

These lessons are ideal if you are ... 
  • wanting to get back to riding after surgery
  • struggling with fear or anxiety after a fall
  • recovering from an injury and need a little extra TLC in your lessons
  • a person who just wants to explore centered riding in new ways and experiment with mind-body techniques

The Stress Free Riding System is for people from all disciplines and English or Western riders and trail riders. Allow one hour per lesson plus time between lessons for any recommended exercises. The Stress Free Riding System is $1500 and includes ten personalized expert lessons plus access to Rebecca for questions and answers during your lesson period. The first of your ten lessons includes a saddle fit learning session, one stress reducing essential oil roll-on to support relaxation for you and your horse, a handout on massage/bodywork for your horse, and five proven relaxation exercises to help you let go of muscle tension allowing you to ride in union with your horse! Yes, this IS truly a fully holistic system! These body and brain based lessons will help reduce fear and pain for both you and your horse. 

Here's an overview of the system of nine foundational lessons we complete at the walk:
1) Balanced Seat Lesson (Rein Assessment to Clearly Demonstrate You've Achieved a Deep Seat)
2) Following Seat Lesson (Does Your Body Move WITH Your Horse?)
3) Riding With Relaxation (Discover Your Stuck Parts)
4) Riding With Lightness and Breath (Giving Your Horse a Chance to Respond in a Safe Space)
5) Effortlessly Riding With Alignment (Get Bodywork While On Your Horse and Align With Imagery)
6) Methods to Feel Grounded While Riding (Over Relying on Stirrups No More)
7) Martial Arts Riding (Riding With Energetic Flow From The Back and The Front Side of Your Body)
8) Horse and Rider Partnership (Applying Centered Riding to Your Chosen Discipline)
9) Riding From Your Center (Invisible Turning from Swiveling Your Belly Button)

Lessons can include groundwork, bodywork for you or your horse, equipment fitting and foundational riding skills applicable to whatever discipline you ride. Awareness and muscle memory are built slowly and with thought, thus our lesson time occurs at the walk.

Lessons are intended to be offered in a weekly format, but we know sometimes weather or life interferes, so there is flexibility in scheduling.

The full Stress Free Riding System package fee is payable when you sign up for the first lesson delivery date (choose a day and time from the calendar below to begin your lessons or email me @ If you don't have $1500 and need a payment plan, you can get started with one $800 payment and make a second payment of $795 prior to lesson five (total payment on the payment plan is $1595 - just email me at for this option). We'll work together to find a day/time that is convenient for your lesson each week, lessons are intended to be delivered weekly for 10 consecutive weeks, but again we know sometimes weather or life interferes, so there is flexibility in scheduling.

"Loving horses comes natural to me but riding horses did not, even though I've been riding since I was 2yo. Someone who is a natural rider has no idea of the internal angst that occurs in someone who doesn't feel totally balanced, in sync and comfortably one with a horse. Yes I still have been there and done that, showed successfully, and yes I brought horses along but I learned to choose my horses carefully otherwise I'd never feel safe. But it was Centered Riding that changed all of this - I now have moments of feeling what it's like to be of one mind and one body with my horses - it's a feeling of freedom where I can fly and jump the moon - in total partnership. In other moments I still lose it, but I know what to look for and how to get it back. As a therapist, I tend to analyze everything and I've learned a lot from my own journey of searching for that "oneness" with horses and I have compassion on those who are also in this learning curve. Centered Riding is for everyone and I love that about it."

Are you a riding instructor? Riding Instructors can take Stress Free Riding as a course and discover a variety of tools they can use in their own riding lessons with their own clients and also use the course as a continuing education tax write-off! 

Sign up today. Build your confidence and your skills using the Stress Free Riding package - It's more than riding lessons, it's a relaxed way of being with your horse!

$1500 Stress Free Centered Riding System includes 10 sessions that include a saddle fitting lesson, an essential oil relaxation blend, a saddle fit guide, a horse massage guide, and 5 proven relaxation exercises you can use on your horse (and in everyday life) to calm fear and anxiety at the root cause. It is intended for horse owners to work with their own horse. If you are interested in Stress Free Riding but do not have your own horse, please contact me before signing up.

Live close to Grass Lake, travel is free if you are within 20 miles of Grass Lake. Additional travel fees apply for those outside the Grass Lake area. For those wishing to save on travel fees, we can schedule multiple lessons or group lessons in one day (it would be like a clinic). Send an email for any questions about that type of service! 

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