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Do-It-Yourself Saddle Fit

For the everyday horseback rider. Take the guesswork out of finding a saddle that fits your horse. 

You might identity with this person who wrote about saddle fit on a message board on the internet: "My gelding is very “stocky” my current saddle is too narrow, I think that’s why he doesn’t like to bend and do circles. I’ve tried several saddles that I borrowed from others, and even bought a new one thinking it would work, full quarter horse with 7″ gullet. It was better but still restricting. I don’t want to keep making mistakes, how do I get it right ..."

English or Western Riding Styles ... 6 online learning modules for do-it-yourself saddle fitting to get it right!

Step-by-step lessons with worksheets, downloadable handouts and video tutorials.  
- Learn what signs determine if your saddle is fitting properly
- Steps to evaluate a saddle for soundness
- What tools do you need to measure your horse for proper saddle fit (hint: they are available at any office supply store)
- Easy to learn step-by-step method to measure your horse for English or Western saddles
- Checklist of questions to ask an eBay seller to determine if a saddle will fit
- "Fix" saddle and girth soreness in your horse

Plus receive ongoing support for your saddle, cinch and saddle pad questions via our Facebook group.

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