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Release fear and expand your comfort zone while you increase your horses comfort zone!  

You are aware of the power of the horse .... for better and for worse.  It's a flight animal wired to escape under stress or fight if trapped. But the horse is also an animal that has gifted us with it's heart and self to assist us in growing stronger emotionally, mentally and physically. I've been a professional therapist and certified riding instructor partnering people and horses for over 20 years and now I'm excited to be your coach and instructor through this class.

Join me in a series of lessons that focus on relationship based fun and stress management around horses. We will be exploring fear, courage, and safety around horses.  Who can risk getting hurt when others count on us?

In each lesson we will explore ...
- Science - this course is science based and you'll learn what fear does to your body and your horse's body and why you don't "punish" fear when working with horses
- Horse Psychology - activities that strengthen the connection between you and your horse to minimize fear based behaviors
- Stress Management - the one thing you can do to immediately minimize the effects of fear and enable courage (many of these work even better in the saddle) AND what you can do to lessen the fear trigger over time
- Practical Advice and Experience - actually learn exercises and education in this class that are readily applicable in and out of the saddle (you'll get some of my favorite Centered Riding lessons to use)

Course lessons are easy to access online. Take it at your won pace. You receive at least 5 tips, exercises, or checklists to apply for stress management and building your relationship with your horse each lession.  That's 20 tools in your FULL STRIDE tool box to expand your and your horse's comfort zone.  Plus you receive priceless insight into your horse and how he "ticks."  Sign up today and get your relationship building and stress releasing coaching lessons for less than $25 a lesson. 

Click to learn more and register at www.FULLSTRIDE.INFO

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