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    • Top 5 Problems With Saddle Fit Free
      December: Discover Solutions to the Top Five Problems With Saddle Fit
    • Emotion Code Session $38
      99% of your behavior has emotional underpinnings. Release negative subconscious emotions to improve your health, relationships, happiness, and success.
    • Stress Free Coaching System $1,500
      Stress free coaching for horse women who want to deepen their relationship and connection with their horse.
  • Pain and Stress Relief Bodywork Outcall Services for Women

    Busy life? Conveniently schedule in your office or home. Price includes travel within Grass Lake, Michigan area. New patients please schedule your free consultation prior to scheduling an outcall service.
  • Confidence and Skill Building Horseback Riding Lessons

    • Stress Free Riding System $1,200
      Life changing confidence in only two short months. The first session is on the ground ... goal setting, learning about saddle fit and stress, and just getting to feel comfortable with each other. Then we'll slowly work on foundational skills in nine horse lessons. You'll also get one stress reducing essential oil roll-on, one workbook on saddle fit, one workbook on massaging away horse tension, and five proven relaxation exercises! These nervous system based lessons reduce fear and pain for both horse and rider. 

    • Saddle Fit Simplified Learning Course Onsite w/ Your Horse $197
      You might identity with this person who wrote about saddle fit on a message board on the internet: "My gelding is very “stocky” my current saddle is too narrow, I think that’s why he doesn’t like to bend and do circles. I’ve tried several saddles that I borrowed from others, and even bought a new one thinking it would work, full quarter horse with 7″ gullet. It was better but still restricting. I don’t want to keep making mistakes, how do I get it right ..."
    • Equine Assisted Activities 30 minutes $90
      This is on a very limited basis as Rebecca has officially retired from offering this type service and she sees only one or two people a year now. Please read more about therapy with horses in the books authored by Rebecca at